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The Parlor showcases the early days of the 20th Century in Prosser, a period of tremendous growth in which irrigation arrived, large commercial buildings were erected and comfortable homes, schools, and churches were constructed upon the land once covered by sagebrush. Special focus is placed upon the Late Victorian style associated with this period of time, and exhibits feature fashionable clothing, home furnishings, furniture, and interpretation of the elegant way of life enjoyed by many Prosser residents of the era.

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Our community's history includes not only the distant past—it's being made each and every day. Please consider sharing your historic Prosser photographs, artifacts, and remembrances from 1-100+ years ago with the Prosser Historical Museum. These links to the past are of great importance to Prosser residents and visitors and will become even more so in the future. Contributions may also be sent via email or given in person.

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