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Our town's history begins when the native Yakama People began to camp near a series of waterfalls in a bend in the river at the arid place that would become Prosser...

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Prosser Historical Museum has multiple distinct exhibit spaces spanning across 200+ years. Our collection is made for visitors of all ages and interests. Our goal is more than simply collecting and preserving our history. Using our archive to enliven history exposes people to a rich past, sparking conversations that connect generations and educate the future of Prosser.

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Our community's history includes not only the distant past—it's being made each and every day. Please consider sharing your historic Prosser photographs, artifacts, and remembrances from 1-100+ years ago with the Prosser Historical Museum. These links to the past are of great importance to Prosser residents and visitors and will become even more so in the future. Contributions may also be sent via email or given in person.

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